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X-tasis Basic has the same features with X-elixis Basic, but thanks to the CPLD chip that has been added it is compatible with all Xbox versions, including all Xbox models with missing LFrame signal!
Xbox Live autoswitch is included, as also intelligent led technology can be usefull to the installer/user!

Installation Info

Installation of X-tasis Basic requires the minimum possible soldering! First solder X-tasis LPC connector with only 8pads + 1wire to solder in the top side of Xbox mainboard and then Plug&Play with any official X-elixis Plug-In! Solder 1 extra wire to enable Xbox Live Switch (optional)!

Simple plug any X-elixis Plug-In to replace the original M$ Bios and unplug it for your console to work in the original way! Power on the console with Eject button pressed for 1sec, for Safe Online Gaming!

Product Info

- Works on ALL Xbox Versions from any Region (v1.0 - v1.6)
- User-Friendly Installation (9 Pads + 1 wire)
- Flash Upgredable Device (256Kb Bios)
- Xbox Live Switch (1 optional point to solder)
- Dual colour Led Indicator (yellow: hacked, red: xbox live)
- Intelligent Led technology (for installation support)
- Low Voltage (3.3V) Device
- Plug&Play Extendable

After the installation of X-tasis LPC connector (9pads + 1wire to solder),
Plug&Play with any official X-elixis Plug-In or any other LPC modchip designed for Xbox!

X-elixis Basic Plug-In

X-elixis Pro Plug-In

X-elixis Plus Plug-In

X-Adaptor Plug-In

X-Programmer Plug-In

Use this Plug-In to hold an extra 256Kb bios, for backup perposes.

Use this Plug-In to program your SST9LF020 Flash Roms.

Use this Plug-In for v1.3 & v1.4 Xbox models with XboxLive Switch.

Use this Plug-In to adapt any LPC modchip available for Xbox.

Use this Plug-In to program any official X-elixis Plug-In.