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With the switch, you may control which firmware chip to boot from:
1. The onboard chip
2. The extra chip of DevilMod360

For this perpose you have to install the switch externally,
before you close back your console.

Step#1: Pass the wires from USB Port
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Step#2: Now connect the wires to the connector
inside the 360 case, simply by pressing them into.
Important: Make sure to connect the middle wire of the
switch to the middle possition of the white connector!

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Step#3: Connect the white connector to DevilMod360
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Step#4: Put back the botton cover of 360
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Step#5: Now put back the top cover of 360 case.
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Step#6: Finished! Just turn with the external switch,
between the onboard chip and extra one of DevilMod360!

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