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Octapus Ice is compatible with ALL PS2 models from ANY region.
It allows direct booting (no-swap) to all PS2/PSX formats of safety backups, including cd-r, dvd-rips and dvd-r!

It can be upgraded to any latest bios releaseof Magic Ice team!

Installation info

Octapus Ice can be installed with only 19-21 wires to solder in PS2 mainboard. Installation diagrams:
- SCPH-3xxxx (v3 PS2 consoles - 10 screws)
- SCPH-3xxxx (v4 PS2 consoles - 8 screws)
- SCPH-3xxxxR (v5/v6/v6R PS2 consoles)
- SCPH-39xxx (v7/v8 PS2 consoles)
- SCPH-5xxxx (v9 PS2 consoles)
- SCPH-5xxxx (v10 PS2 consoles)

How to boot your PS2/PSX/DVD movies media:
- For PS2 games, simple power on your console and insert the disk.
- For PSX and DVD movies, power on your console by pressing the Power button for 2 sec (till the blue light) and then insert the disk.
- For Online gaming, deactivate the chip, by pressing the Power button for 4 sec.